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Formation Gelometrics
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Miami Vice Gelometrics

Gelometric Studio Gel Cushioned Gloves is a new glove designed to mitigate wrist pain and hand fatigue during those activities which rely on the hand to support body weight, such as Pilates, Yoga and Cycling, Spinning & Lagree Fitness.

Gel cushioned studio gloves to prevent wrist pain and slipping during workouts where you put stress on your hands and wrists.

The ergonomic design of the wedge shaped gel pad in Gelometrics diminishes pressure on the nerves, muscles, and tendons that are bundled into the palm of our hands, thus increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery during exercise

At the core of this glove is a uniquely engineered silicone gel palm pad and an ink grip that enhances both traction and stability on multiple surfaces. The silicone gel pad features a wedge shape for assistance with wrist over extension which helps alleviate and prevent wrist pain

The neoprene material contours to your hand. Open-knuckles and cropped fingers allow for flexibility. Velcro closure adjusts for a custom fit. Gel padding frees you from pain.